All About Daily Contact Lenses

Today’s contact lens market offers a wide range of contact lenses so that you can give your eyes the right contact lenses to suit your needs. In this blog we are presenting to you some essential information on daily contact lenses to help you make your choice

What are daily contact lenses?

Daily contact lenses are lenses which you wear once. You put them on in the morning and take them off in the evening.  You have a fresh pair of contact lenses in your eyes every times. No lens care required . No lens cases.

Why Daily contact lenses ?

Daily disposable contact lenses are a great choice for you if :

  • you wear your lenses on an occasional basis . e.g. for sports or for specific events
  • you live in a dry climate
  • you are a frequent flyer
  • you suffer some seasonal allergies

Which brand to go for ?

You can view  our full range of daily contact lenses on here. Below you will find the top 3 daily brands as per popularity

  1. Soflens Daily Disposable  by Bausch and Lomb
  2. Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus by Alcon ( Ciba Vision )
  3. 1 Day Acuvue Moist by Johnson and Johnson

Can I afford them?

  • a year’s supply costs around the same amount as a designer pair of glasses
  • a day’s use will cost around Eu 0.70 depending on which brand you use. That is way less than a coffee .
  • you will save upto Eu 60 or more on lens care

How to use daily contact lenses

Finally daily contact lenses will give you convenience. Just pop in a pair every morning and take them out at night. As per any other contact lens you must follow the correct hygiene practices. You can learn more here . Be sure to follow your eye care professional’s instructions.

Disclaimer: The author is not a medical doctor, optician  or ophthalmologist . This article has been compiled using a variety of internet and other reference sources and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy this cannot be guaranteed. No brand or product preference is inferred or intended . The contents of this article are not to be used in whole or in part to inform a decision regarding any aspect of contact lens use.