Contact Lenses with UV Block

ACUVUE Brand Contact lenses are the only brand of contact lenses which block at least 97% of  UVB and 81% of  UVA rays as a standard across its lines. 

Sunglasses offer comprehensive protection for your eyes. Therefore one should not do without these. However UV protection within your contact lenses will give you that additional protection. UV light can leak around the edges of sunglasses .  The UV blocking agent ingredient is incorporated  into the lens material permanently. It wont peel or wear  off. Wearing UV Blocking contact lenses every days means that you have additional protection for your eyes.

Following are some important UV protection facts highlighted:

🌥️ Sun Protection for your eyes is needed even on cloudy days

☀️ The main effects of solar radiation on the eyes occur at sunset and sunrise when the sun is lower and the eyes are exposed to UV rays

❄️ Exposure to harmful UV rays occurs all year round, not only in summer but also during spring and winter months . UV rays reflect off all surfaces such as snow, sand and water

😎 Full eye protection from UV rays requires wrap around sunglasses as well as a wide brimmed hat